The artist, Zane Maxwell draws gay erotic fine art paintings of sexy men and male nude in pencil and watercolors digitally enhanced. His art embodies its traditions, contemporaries, easternism and westernism all artistically blended. Enjoy his unique and witty homo erotic digital artworks. The blog for each drawing is intriguing to read as well. The site is for 18+ adults only.

$50 for a print (8.5" x 11" premium photo art paper) signed by the artist
Email zanemaxwell@gmail.com to purchase prints
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Hot as Fire
I had a dream where my house was on fire and I was trying to run, but my legs were frozen. Soon I felt burning sensation all over my body like I was falling into a furnace. The next moment, I felt warm and wet touch of a kiss on my lips. It was this gorgeous looking fire fighter resuscitating me, and only a certain part of my male body was resurrected. 2 weeks later, my condo building was on fire for real, nothing serious. To my pleasant surprise, one of the firefighters on duty had an uncanny resemblance to the one in my dream. I should have played unconscious to taste his kiss of fire.

New Horizon
The horizon we saw together was shining gold.
Warm yet intense gold embraced us into rapture.
We felt free and bare as new born babies.
So we started walking towards eternity.

Da Vinci Code
Adolph Albino Cave Dweller baby-arm baby-maker baloney pony beaver basher beef whistle bell on a pole bishop Bob Dole boomstick braciole bratwurst burrito candle choad chopper chub chubby cock cranny axe cum gun custard launcher dagger deep-V diver dick dickie ding dong mcdork dink dipstick disco stick dog head dong donger dork dragon drum stick dude piston Easy Rider eggroll Excalibur fang ferret fire hose flesh flute flesh tower froto fuck rod fudge sickle fun stick gigi groin heat-seeking moisture missile hog hose jackhammer Jimmy John John Thomas Johnson joystick junk kickstand king sebastian knob krull the warrior king lap rocket leaky hose lingam little Bob little Elvis lizard longfellow love muscle love rod love stick luigi manhood mayo shooting hotdog gun meat constrictor meat injection meat popsicle meat stick meat thermometer member meter long king kong dong microphone middle stump Moisture and heat seeking venomous throbbing python of love Mr. Knish mushroom head mutton netherrod old boy old fellow old man one-eyed monster one-eyed snake one-eyed trouser-snake one-eyed wonder weasel one-eyed yogurt slinger pecker Pedro peepee Percy peter Pied Piper Pig skin bus pink oboe piss weasle piston plug pnor poinswatter popeye pork sword prick private eye private part purple-headed yogurt flinger purple-helmeted warrior of love quiver bone Ramburglar rod rod of pleasure roundhead sausage schlong schlong dongadoodle schmeckel schmuck, shmuck schnitzel schwanz schwartz sebastianic sword shaft short arm single barrelled pump action bollock yogurt shotgun skin flute soldier spawn hammer steamin’ semen truck stick shift surfboard Tallywhacker Tan Bannana tassle third leg thumper thunderbird 3 thundersword tinker todger tonk tool trouser snake tubesteak twig (& berries) twinkie vein wand wang wang doodle wanger wee wee whoopie stick wick wiener Wiener Schnitzel willy wing dang doodle winkie yingyang yogurt gun
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