muscle men art


Hi, guys! I am Zane Maxwell from Hawaii. Thanks for checking out my art. I studied calligraphy and sumi-e(sumi ink paintings) in Tokyo, Japan. It was a new and fun experience, and I learned some effective techniques, but my teacher, an old Japanese woman made me draw bamboos and flowers day after day. It was tedious and boring. If my teacher had been an hot Japanese man, it wouldn't have been so bad.

Anyway, I used to draw male nudes in sumi ink and water colors, but now, at multiple requests by viewers, I create computer graphic print artworks with watercolor transparency on my original pencil drawings. The expression is spectacular, and it is the blended manifestation of tradition, contemporary, east and west. Please enjoy my new art.

Models are inspired by the men I have known or met. So many hot looking guys I know? Yeah, because I look for them. I hope you will enjoy my style and men. By the way, the picture below is my self portrait after an extreme make over!? artist

Greetings from my friends and collectors:

Dear Zane,
You gave me your art work as a gift at my house warming party last year. You are very sweet. Mine is "Love Birds", so cute and sexy. Even my mother loves it. It is hanging in my living room. Every guest notices it and asks, "Who drew this?" I think you art work is going to be big and pricey someday. I want to have another one, "Abomination 2x". If I buy another house, will you give me that? Love ya, your friend, Joe

Dear Zane,
I purchased one of your art works. 2 guys are posing double biceps and wearing broken heart pendants. I fell in love with your drawing and everyday I was looking at it wishing if I could have a boyfriend like him... Believe it or not, a month later, I got him. He just came into my life so unexpectedly, long story but minimal efforts on my end. He had a pair of broken heart pendants also and said he was looking for his soul mate to give the other half pendant to. Isn't this story unbelievable? It really happened. Maybe, it was a coincidence. I don't know. but a friend of mine has some psychic power and he told me your painting carries a lot of loving and sensual energy and it calls that to my life. I heard a similar story about artworks in general, that they possess the artist's spirit and energy. Actually, that makes sense. Well, true or not, I love your painting and my new boy friend too. He was amazed as the guy with a cap on in your painting looks very much like him. Best, Keith

Hello Zane,
I received your art last week. It looks really nice. I can visualize you sketching these gorgeous guys from your hot hands touch. When I saw your art, I had to have it. It is witty, parodic, and intelligent. sooo Kool! Keep up your good work. I'll be expecting your new editions soon. Thanks, David

Hi Zane,
Your greeting cards are awesome! Good I got 2 copies of each so I keep one for myself and send another to my friends. They love your cards too. They say they have never seen gay art as unique as yours. We can't wait for new assortments. Thank you. Andrew from Virginia. / greeting card / artist / links / email /